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Emily Gibson
Feb 15, 2022
Hello! So grateful to have found the Poetry Cove (Where poets can put down their anchor and find safe harbor!). I am a 1967 child, and wondering if there are any other 50-somethings here? Teacher, writer, bicyclist, horse person, naturalist, and maker of great food. Born in Humboldt County, Ca, where the redwoods meet the Pacific ocean. Currently live in Central Oregon, the high desert. I am re-inventing myself after a massive lifequake (diagnosed with MS last year, which will really shake things up!). Reading the book Life is in the Transitions by Brian Feiler helped get me on track. Part of that reinvention is dedicating myself full-time to writing. That began with a personal challenge to write a poem a day for the entire year, and push out the poem on my social media, with a weekly blog/podcast of the collection each week. So far, so good, I'm loving it, and today will be poem #46! I tend to write free verse, but choose a new form or two each week to try out, to stretch myself. i.e. this week I wrote an ode to my touring bike! My topics vary widely, but mostly the natural world, my childhood (often with accompanying photos), my horse, things I see while cycling, the current state of the world, personal introspection, and love poems for my sweetheart. I so look forward to digging in, reading all of your poems and providing support and feedback when desired. I am a teacher at heart, and love supporting other writers as much as I like being supported myself! :) Emily
Emily Gibson
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