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I am glad to find a site such as this. I am a novice poet and hope to share, learn and network.

I'm Connie aka: blueyecon, from the midwestern part of the US. I've lived in Missouri my whole life. I reside in a rural part of the state and enjoy antiquing, crafting, music (most all genres) photography, reading, baseball, gardening, nature hikes, bird watching, and spending time with friends and family. I've always enjoyed writing as long as I can remember. I would write letters to my grandparents and pen-pals as a child. As a teenager, I would write down my feelings, hopes and dreams and my frustrations. It was a powerful outlet. As an adult I flirted with words and started forming poems. I fell in love with writing all over again. I wrote on a poetry site (which has dissolved and no longer active) starting in the year 2000 when I learned the internet was my new-found media. I enjoyed the networking and sharing my poems while getting inspiration from other writers. It became my 'get-away' from the hustle of life while inspiring me to express my love of the simple things through words, phrases and verses. I still write letters (almost a lost art) and create greeting cards to send through snail mail. It gives me a sense of nostalgia I guess. I'm nearing retirement and I hope to have more time to put into my hobbies, especially photography and writing. I look forward motoring into the Cove. It seems like a oasis of serenity in a desert full of disparity, or better said; in a ocean of stress, I often need a peaceful cove to dock in. Land ho.