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You say I spend too much time

dancing with the devil,

but, darling, he is better company.

-better company


I'm Brooke, a multi-genre writer with way too many ideas. I write poetry, short stories, and novels - of which I generally write in the genres of Fantasy, Action/Adventure, and occasionally Horror. I released my first poetry book, Exposed, in December 2020. I also have two short stories published in an anthology with intentions to publish a short story (and potentially another poetry book) this year. I'm most active on my Instagram account where I post poetry, poet spotlights, the occasional fun question, and plenty of book reviews.

I am on social media way more than I should be, but I can't help it that reading poems and talking with other poets/writers is so much fun! Like most poets and writers, I have depression and anxiety but writing stories/poetry helps me cope. I also am obsessed with Starbucks (hate to admit that), low-key enjoy romance poems, watch action movies/YouTube/anime in my spare time, and enjoy living by myself in my one-bedroom apartment.

Nice to meet you all! Feel free to message me anytime and I hope everyone enjoys their time here at the Cove!

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