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NaPoWriMo Poems
In [Archived] NaPoWriMo 2021
Bendy Nguyen
Apr 28, 2021
Lost Thursday night on spring evening An student who's aspiring Be a Hollywood sensation, Invested in situation He chose,there he was,practicing In class,another noticing, Classmate,putting on performance Unrealized fatal hindrance, Mistake even,as they both went To seats,thunder,shockwaves had sent To him,leaning back and forth all Sudden,eyes blinking,bridge has fall Down,unfortunately,he's up As he saids his line,smile cup Disguise as confidence,pausing By acting coach,then realizing Off card,lethal mistake,he crash And burn,on that night,the man quit After class,he rush out,blew it All perception screw him over, Oh he knew,ran in the darkness Chest huffing and puffing,sadness, Dry eyes looking down,thankfully Gas station appear,peacefully Pineapple coconut Gatorade Emerge,while a haterade Something gargantuan was lost, Four years,opportunity cost Him to sacrifice everything Eventually,fade to nothing, Pondering,a non existing Killer instinct,thriller in him Has gone extinct,normal average Civilian,waiting,savage Scavenger,eat avenger a Live,now,no mercy,no remorse Listen,legacy,is a leg Wait for humanity to beg Behind person,waste potential How can one find original If it's already within them??????? Authenticity a city, Politicians,won’t condition To find,presence,more than essence Also most important of two, At least,perceive to becoming Listening to many,many Many,humans,who aren't helping Him becoming the man he could, Have been,sabotage,the actor So his factor wouldn't be it, He has reach his true pinnacle, He has fallen off,evermore A raven being nevermore, A rock band being Paramore A braveheart dies on his Claymore Furthermore,an actor cannot Exist anymore...
Bendy Nguyen
Cove Scribe
Relished Minstrel
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