Launching soon!

We want to hear YOU!


Hello Covers far and wide! We are SO excited to say that the development of our global 24hr radio station is well underway, and we want YOU to send in your poetry tracks! If, like us, you feel an empty void when you come home from a long day, and would love to just turn on the radio, put your feet up and listen to nothing but poetry, well... we've got you covered! But, whilst we're contacting poetry specific labels to see if they would be willing to donate some of their professionally recorded tracks, the Cove is a family and community and we want to be able to showcase the talent we have amongst our ranks.


Of course, we understand we aren't all blessed with a professional recording studio in our back gardens, so we aren't setting specific quality regulations, but we do ask that you try to maintain some quality control. Below, we've given tips for you all so that you can put your best foot forward and give yourself the strongest chance in being selected for airtime on our radio! As always, thank you so much and we can't wait to hear your poems.

Format Requirement: We can only accept mp3 files for the time being. This may change in the future.



Submission tips:

1. Record with an external microphone. Even if you have the best phone, we strongly recommend picking up a cheap lapel mic to attach to your t-shirt which can be found on amazon for almost all phone types. It does make a difference!


2. Leave out backing music. Copyrighted music cannot be played over our radio. There may come a time where we have a system in place that will allow us to accompany your tracks to music, for now though we are only accepting unaccompanied submissions [unless of course YOU own the copyright to the music.]


3. If you are looking to submit more than one poem, please do so by sending multiple emails, as separate tracks! (We would rather the email spam than to have to start cutting audio tracks.)


4. Perform. When we say perform, we don't expect an award winning reading, but the more drawn to the reading we are, the likelier we are to select it for our listeners.


5. Consider the time of day, and location of your poem. If there is background noise, that ISN'T related to the poem then it is unlikely your poem will be selected. For example, if your poem is about love and your washing machine is running in the background, that is not ideal. If however, your poem is on spring or summer and you have birdsong, so long as it is not overbearing it may elevate your recording! Explore within reason is all we are saying!


Thank you for your time and we are so looking forward to hearing from you!

Please send your submission to: with the Subject Line: RADIO SUB. <NAME>