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Next Issue: August 22nd 2024

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A word from the editor:

This issue holds a special place in my heart as we delve into the theme of nature. The natural world has always been a profound source of inspiration for poets, and it’s a subject that resonates deeply with me personally. There’s a unique magic in the way nature can evoke emotions, stir the imagination, and provide solace in times of chaos.

In this edition, we explore the myriad ways that the beauty, complexity, and resilience of the natural world influence poetic expression. From the gentle whisper of the breeze to the majestic presence of mountains, every element of nature has a story to tell and a lesson to impart. We are thrilled to share with you a collection of articles and poems that celebrate this timeless connection.

Our featured articles, "The Language of the Earth: How Nature Inspires Poets" and "Eco-Conscious Poetics: Exploring Environmental Activism through Verse," offer insightful perspectives on how poets draw from the environment to craft their works and raise awareness about ecological issues. Additionally, our short story "Midnight Poems" captures the enchanting spirit of a summer illuminated by the glow of the midnight sun, where the wonders of nature and the magic of poetry intertwine.

I hope you find as much joy and inspiration in these pages as we did in creating them. Nature’s influence on poetry is profound, reminding us of our intrinsic bond with the world around us. Here’s to celebrating that connection and finding new ways to appreciate and protect the beauty that surrounds us.


Happy reading.

Adam Gary, Editor-in-Chief

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