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I am receiving too many emails, how do I stop this?

If you would like to reduce the amount of email notifications you receive simply head to your profile settings and toggle on or off the notifications you wish to receive. You can also follow or unfollow specific forum thread categories and even individual posts so that you only stay in the loop for topics you're interested in! If however you would like to continue to receive our monthly Cove round up newsletter do not unsubscribe and make sure to set your spam filter to allow emails from

How do I get more people to read my work?

Here at The Poetry Cove we encourage community. If you are simply 'poem dumping' whereby you share your own poetry without engaging with anyone else or other categories such as our  Discussion threads, you may actually be REDUCING the likelihood of growing your readership. Get in on the fun and engage with other posts that aren't your own and you may find people are more inclined to engage with yours! Who knows, your new best friend could be a comment away!

There's a post on the forum I find offensive, how do I avoid such content?

We are sorry to hear that! Our forum C.O.Os and Admins work very hard to keep the forum a safe, and encouraging place whilst also remaining open for expression! Sometimes they may miss something however, so if you see anything that is offensive and needs removing or a content warning, please report it to us right away by clicking the three dots at the top right of any post and we will deal with it right away!

How do I join the Academy?

If you are looking to take your poetry knowledge to the next step, why not join our academy? Our popular Saturday School Drop-In for poets of all knowledge and experience is now online too! Simply head to our Academy page and choose the style of study that suits you!

I would like to help The Poetry Cove and join the team, how do I apply?

That's great news! If you are feeling inspired to join our team and help The Poetry Cove fulfil its mission, you can find and apply to some of our opportunities here.

What's the best way to give back for all that The Poetry Cove does to help aspiring poets?

The Poetry Cove busies itself making sure we are the best home for poets around the world! Providing ample opportunity for anybody looking to further along their journey. The best way to support us and what we are trying to achieve is by getting involved! The most cost effective method is by taking out an official membership! This way, you are putting money into our expansion and ensuring our future whilst also getting perks in return such as free Saturday School classes, cheaper magazine subscriptions and more! If you would like to become an official member, or would like to gift a membership to a peer or loved one, click here.

The Poetry Cove says it supports, nurtures and leads new poets, how do I take advantage of this?

The Poetry Cove is here to provide opportunity and support to poets of all knowledge and backgrounds. It is our priority! That being said, the more you put into the Cove, the more you will get out. We have C.O.Os and admins, social media teams, talent agents and our founder Adam Gary consistently scanning the community for outstanding voices and committed poets to offer new and exciting opportunities to. The more involved you are, the more opportunities that will be offered to you! Of course, not everyone is here to further along their career, some members just enjoy the craft of poetry as a hobby and we LOVE and respect that so won't at all be offended if an offered opportunity is turned down.

Member and Customer Support

If you are experiencing any issues not covered by our FAQs please message us through Members Chat and somebody will get back to you as soon as possible! Please note, you do not need to stay logged in to receive a response.

If you are experience technical issues related to the website, please contact Wix customer care here as they will be able to resolve any issues you may have much faster than we can.

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