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Poetry Cove Agency is one of the world's leading talent agencies who solely represent the very best in poetic talent. Our clients are Literary, Performance, Spoken Word Poets, Social Media Influencers specialising in the Poetry Niche, and Leading Industry Practitioners who are currently working in Publishing, Film and Television, Theatre, Arts Festivals, and with other exciting community outreach organisations.

Our clients are ground breaking leading voices and exceptional talents in their craft. The world is shifting and now more than ever the voices of poets are ringing out, and people are turning to them for leadership as they have done throughout history! We are proud to nurture and foster that talent with our caring approach. As poetry continues to grow higher and higher in popularity, so too do we expand our network and reach to meet the industry's demand head on.


Representation through PCA is by invitation only and therefore we are unable to accept unsolicited submissions. Our agents read widely and are constantly attending nation wide poetry events with an eye for new clients. PCA is a branch of The Poetry Cove family and also holds the same values as all its other branches. As well as representing the very best established poets, we prioritise finding exciting new and undiscovered talent. We attend Poetry Cove Academy end of term presentations and agent's assistants keep a keen eye for potential clients from around the globe on the Poetry Cove Forum.

Client List

Please contact us for access to our client list.


I'm a poet. How do I join your agency? 


       We do not currently accept unsolicited submissions. Representation is by invite only.

Do you represent students from The Poetry Cove Academy? 


       Yes. Though PCA is a separate entity and does not guarantee representation to all students, it does prioritise and select poets from the school by an invitation only process.

I'm on the Forum, will you read my work? / Will I be headhunted on the forum?


       When our books open to new clients, our assistants scan the Poetry Cove Forum for standout poets. We do NOT consider or invite those who merely submit or 'dump' their poems. We look for standout faces and voices who lead by example across all threads within the forum.

Will I be charged to be on your books?


       No. Our agency works on a commission only basis. When you get paid, we get paid. Any reputable agency will work this way. If you are being asked to pay upfront fees it is highly advised you proceed with caution, if you proceed at all.

Do I have to live in America to be represented?


       No. Our agency works out of London, though we represent poets from all over the world. Providing the very best, and most diverse talent is our goal.

Do you only work with Poetry Cove branches??


       No. Though being a branch to the world's most extensive poetry community certainly has its perks for our clients, as we are able to put them forward for any Cove related work before anyone else, we are a separate entity and therefore look to secure the best opportunities for our clients anywhere.

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