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4 Poetry Prompts for Dr Seuss’s Birthday

To celebrate Dr Seuss's birthday month, here are four poetry writing prompts to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the beloved author of children's books and poems. These will help you write your own poems about his most famous works, or just use them as jumping-off points for your own creations!


"The Cat in the Hat"

The Cat in the Hat is a good example of a character with a memorable appearance. He has bright red hair, white skin and green eyes. He also wears a white hat with a red stripe on it. The Cat's personality is unusual; he likes to cause trouble for other people.

The Cat in the Hat is known for being very clever. His tricks are so fun that it's easy to forget about how much trouble he causes.

For this prompt, write a poem based on a pet wearing an item of clothing.

"Green Eggs and Ham"

In this classic story, a character is very stubborn and hungry. He refuses to eat green eggs and ham - but eventually he's convinced to try it and likes it!

This poem can be written in any style or rhyme scheme of your choosing. Write about a time when you thought you wouldn't like something but tried it anyway - and was proven wrong!

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

This Dr. Seuss poem is about growing up and leaving home, following your dreams and the importance of education and friendship. It's a good idea to read this before you begin writing your own poem because it will give you some ideas for how to structure yours.

For this poem, write about an imagined adventure of your dreams!

"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish"

This is a great poem to write about colours. You can either write about the different colours you see in nature, or talk about how you feel when you see certain colours.

You could also write a poem that describes your favourite fish, or maybe even make up an imaginary one!

Another way would be to write a poem that counts up from one to ten using both numbers and letters (1 through 10). If you want it more challenging, try writing backwards from ten down to one instead!


I hope these prompts will help you to write some amazing poetry. Dr Seuss' work has been inspiring writers for decades, and he continues to be a source of inspiration today. Happy birthday, Dr Seusssssss!

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