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Featured Poem: V2:I1 - Kayla M. Haranda

Mother Earth

I oft wonder what the air smelled of before humans.

We taint the wind and call it innovation,

Burn the brush and call it prevention,

Saw off ancient trunks in the name of shelter.

Let us build…

But what if we didn’t?

What if we tore down the construction,

Watered and sowed,

Tended the Earth instead of dousing her in betrayal?

Let her grow…

Imagine the scents,

The sights,

The sounds,

Animals untouched and vegetation grown wild.

Imagine a world with no humans.

Kayla M. Haranda

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Adam Gary
Adam Gary

Really beautiful! I love this subject matter at the best of times! We should be doing everything we can to protect this beautiful planet! Thanks for writing this powerful piece!

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