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Featured Poem: V2:I2 - Undressed by Nicole Cosme


My mouth wears slippers.

My tongue is the knot on my robe,

fastened to hide my naked words. Sometimes

my best side slips out, but it was an accident,

like the burn on my roof from that cigarette.

And I lick the ashtray like soft serve

My mouth wears sneakers

My tongue is the dust I leave behind.

I don’t want to win, I only want to get the race

over with, but comfort is friction.

Bleeding through my socks for fun

As if the blisters were inevitable.

My mouth wears stilettos

My tongue is the dagger at my heel

Standing on higher ground. Doesn’t matter

that I can’t run when I look so good falling,

and standing again. Like the trick flames

combusting before the thunder

My mouth wears glass slippers

My tongue promenades across the ballroom

among women lost behind their red shoes

while I am all exposed and trailing blood

along the stairwell, collapsing into rotten flesh

as if it were satin, only it’s better than that.

My mouth undresses, presses its sole

to the earth, and sighs.

Nicole Cosme, RI, USA

(debut release)

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