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Mother's Day Poetry Prompts To Celebrate Mothers

On this day, card sales will spike, flowers will be picked, and breakfast will be eaten in bed. For over a century, Mother’s Day has been used to celebrate the hard work of moms across the country. So, for this month’s set of poetry prompts, I thought we could all poetically celebrate moms around the globe!

Here is a list of eleven (11) writing prompts and questions to get into the spirit of writing odes to motherdom.

1). How does your family usually celebrate Mother’s Day? What would make the day even more special?

For this prompt, think about family traditions and how they’ve been passed down from one generation to the next. Alternatively, make up a tradition you’d like to begin in your family.

2). Pick one celebrity or historical figure and write a from the point of view of their mom.

Maybe you have a favorite athlete, actor, or actress that you admire. Try to imagine what the mother would say to these essential people in your life and how they may have raised their children.

3). What is your favorite thing to do with your mom? Is there a place you like to go with her or a hobby you want to do together?

You could make a list poem of all the things you do together or create a bucket list of places your mother has always wanted to adventure to and why. Let your imagination fly with this one.

4). Grandmothers are moms too! Describe a memory you have with your grandmother.

Try to focus on one particular memory and place us, readers, into that memory with vivid descriptions. I want to smell those chocolate chip cookies you baked with your nanas. If you have more than one fond memory, write another poem about that memory too!

5). Does your mom cook or bake? What is your favorite recipe of hers? Describe it.

Speaking of baking cookies, make a list poem that is your mum’s favorite recipe. Alternatively, create an object poem about a dish your mother made for you without saying what that meal is.

6). Invent a flower and name it after your mom. What does it look like?

I find that blending different flowers that my mother keeps in the garden is a perfect remedy for this one. Nothing is too crazy when it comes to this. Maybe your mom has a magical beanstalk covered in cherry blossoms and periwinkle daises.

7). Please write a short poem about a mommy animal and her babies.

Not all mommies are human, and some of them we like to call our pets, so let us write about them too! Or, maybe you went to a zoo and had a favorite animal you’d like to write about.

8). What is one important lesson that your mom taught you?

This one could be anything from learning how to tie your shoes, read a book for the first time, or how to be a proper lady/gentleman. Just remember to include how this lesson has affected your life and whether you still listen to this lesson or not.

9). How would you describe a Supermom? What powers would she have?

Maybe you could even imagine your mom being a Marvel/DC character. Also, supervillains aren’t excluded from this either, so feel free to use them.

10). What does M.O.T.H.E.R. stand for?

Write an acrostic poem depicting what the word Mother means to you.

11). What is your favorite fictional mom from a book or movie? What traits does she have? Describe them.

If you could pick out any fictional mom to adopt for a day, who would it be, and what would you both do. Pick more than one if you’d like.

Don't forget to share your poems with us here at the blog for a chance to be featured.

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