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The Nine Poetry Prompts of Christmas

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December Tradition

Write a free verse poem about a beloved December tradition.

You could write about something that you have done as a child or something you haven't done since a child, or that you do with your family - perhaps something you do every year. It could be anything that means a lot to you.

Gift Receiving

Write a poem reflecting on a favourite gift you’ve given or received.

For example, you could title the poem with the name of the gift. You could talk about the representation of it, what does it look like? Describe the features of it. What colour was it? Can you play with it? Or is it just an object? Does it have a smell? If so what does it smell like?

Christmas Dinner

Write a poem about your favourite food that you eat at Christmas Dinner


Write about the joy and laughter you have during Christmas Dinner

Like a traditional type of food that you eat with your family. Something that you eat every year at the Christmas table, perhaps?

Christmas Music

Write a poem using the title of your favourite Christmas song


Write a free verse poem about an experience you have had with a Christmas song

Perhaps something that happened 'Last Christmas' or if you have experienced 'Mistletoe and Wine'. It could be literally about anything.

Christmas, love and mistletoe

Write a Sonnet about the time you experienced love during the Christmas period

Observe the love and joy that is going on with your family and friends all sitting round after that tasty Christmas dinner! Or maybe look to the past and think to a family member or a partner you had shared Christmas with, which holds a beautiful memory.

Snow Globe

Write a Villanelle poem, imagining what it would be like to walk though this snow globe.

Imagine yourself in another world - a place you have never seen before. You wake up inside the snow globe. You could either write a poem about feeling trapped or a poem about what you can see walking through this snow globe.

Christmas Market

Using your 5 senses, write a poem with 5 different stanzas to tell us what you can: see, smell, taste, hear, and touch as you walk through a stunning Christmas market, like the one above.

For example, going through the Christmas market aisles. What can you see? Happy people? What are they doing? What can you smell? All the freshly cooked bacon or the bockwurst sausages?

Visiting Santa

Write a poem from the perspective of a visiting a Shopping Centre/Mall Santa.

Was there time you either took your child to see Santa, or a childhood memory of going to a grotto and sitting on Santa's lap? You can write about the joy you saw on your child's face or remembering the feeling of going to see Santa, when you were a child.

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1 Comment

Ken LeMarchand
Ken LeMarchand
Dec 11, 2022

These are some really neat prompts, Amy! Sorry I haven't gotten to them sooner. I'll have to take another browse at them and try one out. I'm not much for holiday poetry, but I'll try my best.

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