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Why a poet's community is so important to writers - no matter their experience

Updated: Dec 12, 2021


We all know that artists, especially writers, live in their own, sometimes very isolated world. However, solitude is an essential part of the writing process for those who live in the world of words. After all, it takes a reasonable number of lonesome hours to get to that well-spring of feelings and ideas we're always carrying inside of us.

There is a special kind of soul in every poet out there, whether a famous one or a mere beginner. Yet, more often than not, we tend to keep to ourselves, following that connection to the deepest parts of our experiences to create poetry that can touch the soul of other humans. Truth is, that is magic. And we at The Poetry Cove firmly believe that this kind of magic is to be shared with others. It is not just a wonderful thing to do and experience, but it can help you become a better writer. A poetry community can help you silence those voices that might sometimes tell you that maybe you don't have what it takes. A community of poets sharing their experiences, struggles, pains of lack of motivation, and generally helping each other slash the self-doubt.

Understanding; is what all of us humans sometimes need from others. Once you decide to enter a poet's community, you will learn that it gets easier to strike that peaceful balance. You will gain insight into things and ideas that you alone would not be able to procure. Additionally, you will get critical feedback, which is essential if you want to become a published writer. By entering this poet's home, you give, and you get inspiration, motivation, and support. Artists come together to form a free from judgment poetry environment in which everyone has a chance to thrive.

By sharing and collaborating with others, you become a part of a family of poets and trust us, that is such a beautiful treasure.

That said, as a striving poet, you probably want to know about the real, tangible benefits of taking part in a poet's community. You will be glad to know there are quite a few of them. We've listed them below:

Writing is the top priority

Creative accountability is a critical component of this oath, so of course, writing should be the primary goal. However, we all know that saying and doing aren't the same thing. Money typically is not a poet's motivation, and sometimes, we lack the latter. Procrastination hits, and our passion starts to feel like a chore. But, if you're a part of a poet's community, it can help you make writing a responsibility, and vice versa. Simply put, a writer's group will help you evolve and progress to get to the point you create the output, which you can then share with others. The latter brings us to our next point.

You will get crucial critical feedback

If you really want to grow as a poet, you need constructive criticism and essential feedback on what you are doing. And this golden rule goes not only for amateur writers but also for the experienced, even famous ones. And while it's undoubtedly nice to know what your mom thinks about your work, getting the feedback of people who actually know about the poet's work will incredibly enrich your efforts.

Fellow writers are essential, and creating a quality, honest, but empathetic poet's group can only lead to good results.

Because we need a response to light the ideas and see things from a different perspective. An open heart is a well-spring of imagination, and listening to others sharing their own, can create a multiverse of strands for the whole community. So you go home with a full heart, ready to pour it out on paper.

You will get a support group

Naturally, there might be times where you are stuck. And sometimes, it's not that you're out of ideas. But, sometimes, you are not emotionally there yet. And that is entirely normal, and it's totally okay. The magical thing about a poet's community is that there are no "musts." So, if at some point you are not able, you don't have to bring anything "to the table." But you will still get an emotional, mental, and spiritual support network. So, if you aren't ready to share your work with the world, take some time to listen at first.

A writer's community is typically a place where outcasts exist. Life is a wavy ride, which we understand all too well. Nevertheless, it's where our art comes from, so embrace it and be patient. Simply spending time with fellow poets on the same journey will be incredibly beneficial in more ways than one.

You will get a mentor

Every author out there needs a mentor. Sometimes, they will not come as an experienced, old and famous writer. Young and aspiring writers in the community can be each other's mentors, and that usually works incredibly well. There is a lot to learn by reading and editing your fellow poet's work. This will make you a better writer, so it's a win-win for every artist involved.

The takeaway

Writers need a support group, a fellowship. Because it is nourishing and rewarding to be a part of. Think about it; you sharing the art that came from the deepest parts of your life experiences with each other is a true gift. To be able to look into the souls of one another and offer genuine support is something not everyone gets in their lifetime. With that kind of precious energy flowing, there is no stopping you! Thankfully, we at The Poetry Cove offer the perfect place for you to do that! So, next time you're signing into the forum, don't just post your poem and leave... really integrate yourself into the poetry community we foster here, join in on our discussion, ask and answer questions... you may just strike gold!

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