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Why You Need to Start a Poetry Journal Today & 7 Journal Ideas

Updated: Jun 14, 2022


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When I look back at my school notebooks from high school and college, there are pasture scenes in the margins of my statistics calculations, my favorite song lyrics surrounding my WW2 notes, and the most intricate ball-and-stick model of glucose you have ever seen adorning my chemistry lab report.

Creativity, even in the form of small doodles throughout the day, has always been a part of me as I am sure is the case for the majority of people.Yet as I left school and no longer had numerous notebooks lying around for every subject I was learning, so too was gone one of my smallest but most therapeutic creative outlets.

When the pandemic started, however, I purchased a few journals and being able to sit down to write my thoughts, a few lines of a poem, or make some sketches for even just a few minutes a day has really helped me with my creativity and mental health.

Today, I wanted to share why you too should begin journaling, and several journal ideas to get you started. But before we begin, check out The Poetry Cove’s very own journal here!

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Keeping journals does not only provide you with an invaluable record of all of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas throughout the years, but it provides you with a way of compartmentalizing and expressing your thoughts that you can later use as a starting point for poetry or art. Whenever I want to sit down to write something, I flip through older pages of my poetry journal and see if I have written down any lines or phrases that I can use to make a completed poem. My poetry journal also allows me to keep all of my ideas in one place that I can reference at any time, and writing them down ensures I won’t forget any.

From a mental health perspective, journaling has been shown to be extremely helpful as well, even if you only do it a few minutes a day or once a week. Taking a few moments to reflect on your thoughts and really observe them rather than letting them pass is a great way to better come in touch with your feelings and deepen your understanding of yourself.

Sitting down with a pen and paper as opposed to with your keyboard, is also a great way to relax as it forces you to slow down in our fast-paced world, and there is just something kind of special about writing with your favorite pen in a beautiful journal.

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To maybe inspire you to start a Journal (or two) of your own, I have made a list of several journal ideas for you.

Ideas journal: In this journal, you can keep a list of any poetry ideas, themes, or lines that come to mind, and begin drafting your poetry in.

Poetry art journal: In this journal, you can combine poetry that you have already written with an art form of your choice such as drawing or painting. You can see a flip-through of my poetry art journal below!

Completed poems journal: For this one, you can splurge on a beautiful journal of your choosing, and write all of your completed poems as a way of creating a special, hand-written edition book of all your poetry. You can share this with your friends or family or even sell it to a lucky lover of your work once you make it big!

Mixed media journal: A mixed media journal consists of cutouts from books, magazines or newspapers arranged on a page combined with your own writing, art, flowers, photographs, and basically any other kind of adornments you can think of.

Inspiration journal: In an inspiration journal, you can create mood boards for different feelings that you can later look back on to help you get into a creative mood, as well as keep lists of authors and poetry that inspire you.

A poem a day journal: This is exactly what it sounds like! Get a journal and challenge yourself to write one poem a day until all of the pages are filled up. If this sounds like a daunting task, start off with a short journal that doesn’t have many pages and see if you can fill it!

Dream/ thought journal: In this journal, you can write down your dreams (that you remember) and write what you did that day and how you felt. You can later use these entries as prompts or ideas for poetry.


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