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Winter Themed Poetry Prompts + Moodboard

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

11 Winter Themed Poetry Prompts. The Poetry Cove Blog. Written by Suchita Senthil Kumar. This text in white, with a single snowflake in the background.
Created with Canva

1. ebony rain

Compose a poem describing the snow as above, or in other creative ways you can think of, without using the word 'snow'.

2. whelved amidst frozen shards

To be whelved means to 'be buried deep inside something'. What is whelved amidst frozen shards? Write a poem either incorporating this line or exploring what could be hidden amidst shattered pieces of ice. Don't forget to share your work in the Poetry Cove's Forum for other poets to read!

3. rivers of ice

What images do you see when you hear 'rivers of ice'? Write a poem exploring those by incorporating vivid imagery into your work. This could also be a writing exercise to practice 'show don't tell' in poetry. You could even just write a poem that has this in any line too.

4. frozen spines of snowflakes

Craft a poem that uses this phrase at least in one line. The word 'frozen' is used to describe shock and sometimes fear too. How would you re-interpret this phrase by applying one of these meanings?

Winter themed moodboard with text: broken icicles.
Created with Canva

5. shivering leaves

Imagine how cold it would have to get for even the leaves to begin shivering. Write a poem describing a cold winter day and describe the reactions of everything around from flowers, to dust on an old table, to frozen food. Another take on this would be to explore why the leaves are shivering. Could there be a reason other than the obvious cold?

6. melted moon

Imagine lengths of snow sprawled over fields and meadows. Doesn't it all look like moon melted over the earth, enveloping acres of land beneath? Write a poem describing the winter by using this description or phrase in it.

7. white clouds spilled on earth

This is another way of describing the same as above. Incorporate this phrase in your poem at least in one line. Share it in the Forum for feedback or for the enjoyment of others!

8. Write a poem inspired by this GIF

9. layers of rime

Google Dictionary defines rime as frost formed on cold objects by the rapid freezing of water vapour in cloud or fog. Craft a poem that explores what layers of rime hide beneath them.

10. Describe the snow to someone who hasn't ever seen it

Hailing from the warm states of South India, I have never seen snow in my life. We have cold mountains like the Himalayas and snow-capped regions like Shimla up North, but I've never visited. Write a poem describing snow to someone like me, who has never it. You can challenge yourself and try describing the same in a poem as though you're talking to someone who is blind. What words and phrases would you choose then?

Remember to share your poems in the Forum! If you decide to post your work on Instagram, feel free to tag @poetrycove and #poetrycove for it to be considered for the Sunday Spotlights. May the right words find you!

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